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Custom Embroidery

Infinite Ideas By What'cha Stitchin specializes in Custom Embroidery Logo Wear.  We pride ourselves in the fact that unlike most of our competitors we do not require minimums on Embroidery items and depending on the initial quantity of items purchased we may be able to eliminate any setup fees.

Custom Embroidery cost is based on the item being embroidered and the number of stitches the logo or design has.  Industry Standard Rate on Embroidery is $1.00 per 1K stitches, however volume of items being embroidered can drastically lower the cost of embroidered items.  The best way for us to provide you a comprehensive quote for for your Custom Embroidery would you be to contact us directly and we can provide a quote specific to your needs.  Please call us at 763-742-4286 or email us at

Infinite Ideas has the ability to provide apparel from some of the biggest names in the Apparel Industry.  Feel free to click on the following Logos/Links to view products we have the ability to provide.

In an attempt to provide some basic Embroidery Pricing with clothing, please see information below.

Infinite Ideas By What'cha Stitchin has produced hundreds of embroidery designs for our customers to make their items/designs stand out, we can do the same for you.  Below are some samples of Custom Embroidery we've done for your review.

Custom Embroidery Sample Pictures

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